Filipino Women that Explore a modern-day Method Like the Pill or Tubal Sterilization

Filipino Women that Explore a modern-day Method Like the Pill or Tubal Sterilization

Feamales in the brand new Philippines can get getting 3.7 students during the period of their reproductive decades, in the event that latest virility cost remain constant. With regards to the 1998 Philippines National Demographic and you will Wellness Survey (PNDHS), 47% regarding hitched feminine currently practice birth prevention. step 1 The pill and you can feminine sterilization may be the best strategies (for each and every used by 10% out-of hitched women who habit contraception), followed by detachment and natural loved ones thought (9% each).

New shot to your 1998 PNDHS included 13,983 women aged 15-forty two. Most participants was in fact hitched during new survey (53%), got went to about basic college or university (98%) and you can was indeed Catholic (82%).


The median age initially ong Filipino female old twenty-five-49 was twenty two.1 in 1998. Years to start with ong female without education to help you 21.5 certainly one of women who got attended senior school. Under fifty% of females which have at the least some degree got partnered from the ages twenty five. Women in towns married, an average of, 24 months afterwards compared to those inside the outlying portion (23.0 vs. 21.0).

During brand new survey, 53% of women aged 15-forty two were hitched and thirty six% had never been partnered. Others have been sometimes cohabiting, widowed otherwise broke up.

Feminine aged twenty five-44 got basic got intercourse during the an average period of twenty two.1 age, the same as one from which feminine earliest partnered. Decades initially intercourse appears to be ascending: Feminine old twenty five-29 got been that have sex at the an average period of 22.8, compared to certainly one of feminine old forty five-49. Instance decades in the beginning matrimony, new median age in the beginning intercourse rose which have quantity of studies: Feminine no degree had come that have sex within many years 19.step 3, while ladies who had attended highschool had earliest got intercourse from the years 21.5.

Virility and you may Virility Choice

The full virility rate (TFR) having Filipino women old fifteen-forty two, in accordance with the 3 years preceding the new survey, is step 3.7 existence births each lady. Ladies who lived in outlying portion could expect to have nearly a few far more existence births than just feamales in urban areas (cuatro.eight vs. step three.0). Women with no education otherwise that have a fundamental university education got a higher TFR than just feminine with about specific university studies (5.0 vs. 2.9 births).

Feminine aged 25-49 had got the very first beginning at an average ages of 23.step three. Ladies in towns had going childbirth 2 yrs after than just women in rural elements (24.step 3 against. twenty-two.2), and you may ladies age initially delivery flower away from 20.5 one of female without knowledge to twenty-two.7 certainly one of women with a high university education.

Complete, 7% of women old 15-19 had got a beginning otherwise were pregnant using their earliest youngster during the time of the brand new questionnaire. Teens residing rural areas was basically over two times as almost certainly because those in towns getting began childbearing (11% compared to. 5%). Subsequent, the possibility that an early on lady got started childbearing declined because her amount of degree flower, out of 17% from fifteen-19-year-olds and no knowledge to help you 5% of women which have about specific college education.

Ladies in the newest Philippines, on average, believed 3.2 pupils finest. Younger women wished reduced family members than simply old women. Instance, women aged fifteen-19 wanted 2.8 pupils, when you’re female old forty-five-forty-two experienced 3.8 youngsters better. Then, female and no knowledge wanted big parents than women who got got no less than specific studies (5.step one vs. step 3.0-3.5 people). Wished relatives dimensions varied little of the part of residence.

The majority of women (62%) reported seeking no more students. Women which have a standard college knowledge was indeed probably be compared to those with degree otherwise which have none at all to need no a great deal more students (72% vs. 43-60%). Then, the need to end childbearing rose greatly on the number of life style people, out of 17% of females having one young child to help you 53% ones that have several pupils and you can 75% of them that have about three; 89% of females having half a dozen or more children need no longer.

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